Renting a Classic or Vintage Car for a Wedding

The day people get married is one of the most important days in peoples lives, and you should, therefore, make the most of it. A lot of couples are looking to rent a nice classic car as a stylish and romantic form of transportation for their special day, however, most of those couples have no idea of where to start looking. In this article, we are going to tell you everything you need to know about how and where to rent classic cars or vintage cars for your wedding day.

So, where to rent a classic car for a wedding? Currently, the best way to rent a classic or vintage car for a wedding is to do so online. The two most popular websites are Google Search (use the phrase "rent a classic car near me") and, where you can rent a car from private owners.

A vintage or a classic car can both add a lot of style and character to your entrance into your wedding ceremony. It is also a once in a lifetime romantic experience that everyone should be able to take part in if they wish to regardless of where they live or their budget. There are many ways to search for companies that offer cars for rent and below we are going to go through all the best methods.


What is the difference between a classic car and a vintage car?

A vintage car is generally considered to be an old car model that was released between the years of 1918 and the 1930s, on the other hand, a classic car is considered to be any car that has been released more than 20 years ago.

Classic car always looks more classy than a popular limousine © Elizeu Dias @elishavision
Classic car always looks more classy than a popular limousine © Elizeu Dias @elishavision


Where to rent a classic wedding car?

Google Search

One of the easiest ways is to simply type into 'rent classic/vintage wedding car (your location)' in Google or whatever other search engines that you happen to use. From there you will be shown a list of the top ranking websites offering that kind of service in your area. It is recommended to start from the top as the higher up in the search rankings a website is the more reputable and popular they are which will probably mean that they offer a higher quality service.

The best practice is to start searching at
The best practice is to start searching at

Alternatively, you also have aggregation platforms such as which allow for wedding companies to sign up on their website for a commission fee. This is a better alternative to simply searching for companies using a search engine as there is a much wider variety on this website as a lot of owners of vintage and classic cars find it much easier to simply register on and list their car rather than going through the hassle of creating their own website and then trying to rank it high in the search engine rankings. has thousands of listings in the majority of locations and countries around the world, you simply type in where you are planning your wedding and the date.

Book a Classic is a national website for people who want to rent a classic or vintage car.
Book a Classic is a national website for people who want to rent a classic or vintage car.


Next steps after choosing a renting company

Contacting and verifying the company

Once you have found the company that is right for you to get in contact with them by email, phone or alternatively you can visit them on their business premises if they have some. However make sure to always go for a company that has a proven track record, with a lot of positive reviews and also a company that has existed for a long time is always a plus. Finally, this one may sound really obvious however make sure to use a company that specializes in weddings, as a lot of companies may let you rent classic or vintage cars from them however they will not provide you with a driver for them and will not decorate properly for a wedding.

Make sure to book in advance

To get a good deal you need to make sure always be booking in advance, the earlier the better. A lot of people even book their classic or vintage cars from the day they are engaged in order to get some savings and also to make sure that they have a classic or vintage wedding car booked for their special day. If you leave it too late you risk having not being able to find any companies free on that day and will probably have to settle for a lower quality vehicle.

View the vehicle in advance

Ask to view the vehicle you are planning to rent out for your wedding in advance in order to make sure that it looks as good in real life as it does in the pictures. There are simply too many people who neglect to do this and end up being disappointed on their wedding day. It is also recommended that you only pay the non-refundable deposit for the vehicle after you have seen it in real life, because if you pay the deposit before you see the vehicle and you are not happy you will out by a few hundreds of dollars.

Inquire about the company's schedule

Make sure to inquire if the vehicle for your wedding day is going to be attending any other weddings or events before you book them. This is important as some companies book a lot of events for the same day in order to maximize their profits but this can lead to long delays if something happens at another wedding or event before yours. Generally, the companies that offer the cheaper fees are the ones who are most likely to be doing multiple bookings a day.

Ask about license and insurance

Make sure to check if the company you are booking with are properly licensed and insurers, as you are putting the lives of yourself and your significant other in their hands. Licenses and regulations they should answer to include the license to run a limousine business in the current state and also that they check that their employees do not take any illicit substances and do not have any traffic violations.


Related Questions

Below we have included a list of reputable vintage and classic wedding car renting companies in the areas of New York, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey that is worth checking out if you are planning to have your wedding in those states.


Where to rent classic weddings cars in New York?

New York is a massive and expensive metropolis, below are some of the best value for money companies that offer classic or vintage cars to rent for weddings. 

  • M&V Limousines is one of the oldest vintage wedding car companies in New York, the company was founded in 1993 and has since done tens of thousands of wedding car bookings in and around New York State. The company prides itself on being an innovator in the industry and also owning all the cars in its fleet that allow it to offer competitive prices and have full quality control over the services that it provides.
  • Romantique Double Diamond Limousines are one of the most prestigious companies in New York and one of the highest and most reviewed classic and vintage wedding vehicle companies on The company also stands out as they offer 'wedding package