Weddings Without Children - Everything You Need to Know

Planning, organizing and hosting a wedding is stressful enough but when you get children involved it makes things a lot trickier as you need to think about how to entertain the children as well as make sure they are safe. 

But do not worry because in this article we are going to tell you the pros and cons of organizing a wedding without children as well as how to organize a wedding without children without offending any of your guests. 

So how do you create a wedding without any children? It is fairly simple when you think about it but it can also be tricky as the parents of those children may not have someone ready to look after them while they are attending your wedding. Therefore you need to let everyone know that your wedding is going to be a no children wedding so all your guests have enough time to prepare or to alternatively pull out if they don't feel they will be able to attend, but at the end of the day if someone really wanted to attend your wedding then they will always find time for it. 

Where the problems arise is if, for example, you are organizing your wedding abroad as many couples now tend to do in more picturesque holiday destinations such as the Caribbean or Greece. This will mean that the guests that have children will need to leave their children with someone else for at least a couple of days which will make things even more difficult. So you have two choices in this situation, you can be strict with your no children wedding rules which may mean that some of the parents will just not be able to attend or alternatively you can let parents attend that are not able to find anyone to care for their children however it may make other the parents unhappy who have had to leave their own children behind at home. As you can see there are a lot of intricate things that you need to do, however, the most important one is laying out the rules as soon as possible and enforcing them. 

We hoped that we helped briefly answer your question above about how to set up weddings without children. If you would like extra tips and other information then feel free to read down further below. 


More tips on how to create the perfect wedding without children

To follow up on the information provided above, if you are looking to create a perfect wedding without children a good option may be to hire a few babysitters or children's nannies in order to care for all the children at a venue somewhere close by to where the wedding is taking place. This will allow parents to still bring their children and keep a fairly close eye on them but it will also prevent the children from attending the actual wedding ceremony and messing about.

Hiring an entertainer at the separated venue where the children will be kept is also something you need to start organizing as soon as possible. Types of children's entertainers may include magicians, clowns, Disney princesses as well as other entertainers aimed at toddlers and babies. You can also request all parents to bring their children's favorite toys to the event which can potentially save you a lot of money on hiring entertainers but it may also mean that the children will quickly lose interest and become bored causing them to potentially get involved in trouble. 


Reasons why you may not want children at your wedding

If you are still not convinced that you should make sure to avoid making a wedding with children in attendance we will raise a few reasons for your attention below. The first reason that you need to take into consideration is that by inviting children it will drive up the cost of your wedding as even though children may eat less food they will still count as a guest which can increase the prices by a lot if there is a fixed fee per individual guest. 

Another reason is bad as it sounds is that it can make the wedding less enjoyable as there will be screaming and crying children at your wedding which will ruin the experience for everyone involved. Young children do not understand the significance of a wedding ceremony so they will not be quiet and it is not their fault but the responsibility of the adults responsible for the children and also for the organization of the wedding. 

Related to the point above, if children attend your guests are forced to double up as babysitters which just ruins the whole experience for everyone involved especially if they did not come with any children of their own. 

Children are also much more likely to create a mess in the most creative and original ways possible, this will result in increased clean up bills after your wedding has finished, The cost can also increase dramatically if the mess created by the children attending your wedding ends up permanently staining, for example, the walls and furniture. 

Furthermore, when you invite parents with children to the premises of your wedding you now have to bore responsibility for the safety of the children and if the children get injured in any way due to mismanagement or incompetency that parents will look to you for answers as children are not mature and knowledgeable like most adults to know what to do and what not to do. 

Finally, a wedding is a joyous affair, meaning that there will be a lot of adults there drinking and having fun. This means that it may not be an appropriate setting for young children to be around drunk adults as they will receive less care and attention from the adults that will be under the influence of alcohol. Moreover, it will reduce the fun parents of those children can have as they will not be able to drink and socialize since they will have to be caring for their children. So, therefore, it may be a very good solution to hire babysitter and child entertainers to look after the kids in another part of the building where your wedding is taking place. 


Can I enforce age limits instead of banning all children?

Another good solution instead of banning all children from your wedding is setting an age limit, a child in the majority of countries is someone under the age of 18 so it has a very broad definition. We would recommend that you set the age limit at minimum 13 if not higher as 13-year-olds are generally mature enough to realize the scope and importance of a wedding. 

Plus 13-year-olds do not need someone hires to look after them or entertain them, in the 21st-century majority of children 13 and older have access to smartphones that can store addictive and engaging video games to bide their time on. Additionally, there are a lot of handheld consoles available such as the Nintendo Switch that allows children to play more in-depth video games easily anywhere.

The 13-year-old age limit is just an example, it may be more suitable to set the age limit lower to allow children to come that are still too young to be left home alone as for example 13-year-olds can in most cases be left home alone in their rooms watching Youtube or playing video games. But a 10-year-old legally in most countries cannot be left at home alone without any guardians over the age of 18. 

Moreover, you need to consider how late into the night your wedding ceremony and wedding after-party will go. As children generally go much earlier to sleep especially if they have school the very next day or need to complete homework before their school week starts. 

If you decide to set an age limit whatever it may be, you will need to lay down the rules early in advance before your wedding takes place and stick to your rules without altering them for anyone as you cannot, for example, allow a parent to bring their 12-year-old to your wedding and then refuse another parent to bring their 12-year old to your wedding. 


How to tell kindly tell guests that no children are allowed?